This section lists all the proposed experiments in a format that has been reviewed and validated by our editorial team. This is a list of non-traditional experiments, exploiting modern techniques and, because of that, they are not suitable for home. They may also need some fine tuning, depending on the class to which it is suggested. Some of these ideas are quantitative experiments, some other are qualitative observations suitable for introducing certain topics or to start a discussion.

Upon clicking on an experiment you can download a zip file containing a PDF version of the proposal and its latex source file. You are free to use, modify, translate in other languages and redistribute the material under the Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International License. We encourage you to share your versions with us. We will soon support other formats and languages.

All the resources are also available through our github repository. Clicking on the picture you will see a PDF preview of the material. To download the source code, click on the button. Check it for other languages and formats, too.

colloidal particles

Brownian motion

Author: Prerna Sharma
id: idea-20210110-1-v1

An experimental study of the Brownian Motion with some quantitative results that can be obtained observing colloidal particles in a microscope. Utilises software to track particles.

cooking an egg

Cooking an egg

Author: Marina Carpineti
id: idea-20210110-2-v1

An experiment to investigate the cooking process of an egg using a thermocamera. Can be used with other food and allows for the discussion of many interesting phenomena.  


Curved light

Author: Marina Carpineti
id: idea-20210119-1-v1

This experiment mimics what happen in the atmosphere when the index of refraction is not uniform, leading to a bending of light rays.

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